Mishima: A Life in Four Chapters ★★★★★

Watch a man pursue for the purest form of beauty, in words and images, in the human body and for the briefest moment, in love, before he switched to outright violence and destruction, then ceases to be a man and becomes the very embodiment of his ideas, it doesn't get more poetic than this.

Philosophy and aesthetic above all else (though it is difficult to determine whether Mishima is an artist embracing his philosophy, or the other way round), he proves this by wearing the japanese flag on his forehead -- the uppermost part of his body, where it is closest to his conscience. If his emperor is the sun, then the flag is the emperor's silhouette casted on pure white backdrop, and what is the sun but a symmetrical splash of blood, left behind by a man searching for a purpose, a meaning, a purity that is absolute, even in death.