Shin Godzilla

Shin Godzilla ★★★★

Shin Godzilla propagates in its own specific wavelength and you have to either be totally in sync with it or you go home. The film runs with lightning speed from the very beginning, cutting from meeting rooms to meeting rooms, endless arguments, analysis and planning, formation and dissolution of research and action teams -- it's rather difficult to follow. The story is more focused on how an entire nation reacted during a disaster than it is on the disaster itself. The Kaiju is the background in a Kaiju film. Some may find it boring but I say it's quite a refreshing treatment! (Note that the only Godzilla films I've watched are the ones produced by Hollywood.)

There is no personal approach here, there is hardly any sentiment. Everything's very systematic, structured, efficient, paper clean, similar to how the Japanese government operates. (Though portrayed as indecisive and sloppy in the film.) That's not all, when the monster is finally aggrovated, the film drastically shifts its gears without warning. The despair sets in, the sight of destruction becomes both devastating and awe-inspiring, I felt chills when I noticed very subtle visual parallels with the Evangelion series, if it's intentional, then I'll probably love this film even more.

If you find the first half silly or somewhat parodical, don't worry, I did too. Just give it some time, because much like the radioactive lizard known as the reincarnation of God, it will soon evolve into something much bigger.

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