Star Wars: The Last Jedi

Star Wars: The Last Jedi ★★★★★

That was extremely good but also weird and kind of all over the place it's like "eh." but then pew pew pew *woosh* your breath's taken away and every single audience in the hall simultaneously gasps and starts whispering to each other did you see that? did you see that? like ants when their nest is disturbed then it gets weird again but suddenly *weeeeaaaoow* aaaaargh no way the chills you felt when you saw a lightsaber being activated for the first time comes back and moments later it ceases to be mere nostalgia and you realize your enjoyment mostly stems from the fact that you're witnessing one of the grandest, most beautiful story ever told in the galaxy shi-i-i-it's so magical you wish you could fold this feeling nicely and pack it into your pocket so you can maybe pull it out and sniff it every once in awhile to remind yourself that life is worth living after all okay that got weird too I promised myself I'd stop over-exaggerating when I write but I am too weak, I just can't help it. Anyway my point is: bb-8's head is detachable!!

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