• Walk the Line

    Walk the Line


    This film's flat as hell, feels like I've already seen it a thousand times, but it got me listening to Johnny Cash all day at work, so yeah it kind of works. Joaquin Pheonix and Reese Witherspoon are great actors. ♪ I'm going to Jackson ♫

  • Three Colors: Blue

    Three Colors: Blue


    Kieślowski allowed our eyes to follow a crescendo as Juliette Binoche traced the notes with her finger, it's amazing, one of my favorite scenes in the film, like subtitles for classical music. So many ways to process this film, it's either complete stillness or crashing waves. I find it oddly relieving to watch Julie navigate through grief with such patience, albeit only on the surface. Suppression and avoidance are by no means a healthy method to cope, but there's inspiration…

  • Tropic Thunder

    Tropic Thunder


    Hey that's bill hader what the fuck? Like he was just standing there. Every time I watch this there's a new face to recognize.

  • I Care a Lot

    I Care a Lot


    This movie is about Rosamund Pike and her comically large vape pen (with a comical backstory) and her comically large disguise glasses and her comically crazy wide eyed million dollar smile and her comically perfect jaw and her comically perfect hair playing the shit out of a power hungry sociopath -- also comically. Honestly, I'm in.

  • Primer



    1. The lazy mathematician isn't always right because the lazy mathematician is skipping necessary steps to eliminate confirmation bias.

    2. If a pencil breaks in space you have floating graphite dust, you dont want that, it's a hazard.

  • The Witch

    The Witch


    Evil becomes undisputable truth. Took a second viewing for me to make the connection between hares and the supernatural. Making a film with multiple animals as central characters really is suicide, to pull it off like this is nothing short of a miracle. I have so much respect for robert eggers.

  • Possessor



    The skin stretches and deforms, the face deflates and crumples, blood flows at predetermined directions and all directions lead to whatever's punctured, whatever's failing, there's no skinship more intense than my pool of blood making its way to touch your pool of blood. Pull me out, the brain is pure static, thoughts superimposed on each other causing violent flashing images in the mind that wanders at its own pace completely disregarding the host if there even is a real host,…

  • Tokyo Sonata

    Tokyo Sonata


    Always finding alternative ways to induce a panic attack and effortlessly succeeding, I believe this is Kiyoshi Kurosawa at his most well-behaved yet merciless form. It's a weird parallel to draw (probably due to clair de lune?) but it felt like something Shunji Iwai would make if he was more aggressive and also best buds with Koji Yakusho. The ending caught me by surprise, it's unusual to see Kurosawa himself go out of his way to comfort us, like having…

  • Cool World

    Cool World


    Damn, dude, you can draw. I'm getting kind of, like, flustered over here.

  • Angel Dust

    Angel Dust


    Ishii's bone chilling masterwork where he invents his own distinct dreamlike style, a nightmare of pale faces and pale bodies, deeply enigmatic and seductive. The soundtrack is a perfect match for the film's often heavy atmosphere, but I especially enjoy the quiet moments, siting among giant trees in a forest, hand in a washing machine, closeup of cigarette in hand to red lips, when the camera is static and sure, they are all so intense, so strangely hypnotic. Perhaps Ishii is at his most powerful when his octane rating is lowered by half -- am I allowed to say this?

  • The Day of Destruction

    The Day of Destruction


    Chaotic amalgamation of noise, off the fucking shits, just pure, inhuman noise loud enough to wake the universe. This is a film that can only be made in a world filled with rage, it is the result of a spontaneous release of our collective anger, anger directed at ourselves, nature and our creators. Toshiaki Toyoda said it is perfectly okay to go apeshit every once in awhile, especially while we are in the middle of a pandemic. If you feel…

  • Terrorizers



    Static frames suggesting stagnant lives, aimless beings roaming in 80's Taipei, not so much as colliding but rather merely brushing past each other by chance, leaving microscopic marks that no one would even bother to look twice, such an insignificant impact -- like snowflakes landing on bamboo leaf. However, as the chinese saying goes: madness, is just like gravity, all it takes is a little push. No use explaining, they don't understand, I do. This is Edward Yang's Joker.