Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance

Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance ★★★½

It is awesome.

I Liked for reasons that not many people would like a movie for. Particularly hilarious Nicolas Cage screaming and taking drugs. It was a lot like "Crank", particularly because it's made by the same directors of "Crank" and like "Crank" it is self-aware. If you walk into this movie taking it way too seriously, you're probably not gonna enjoy it. All of the animation in it was a lot better than the first movie. In the first movie... The flaming skull is really... It's pivoting, like on a joint, it's very obviously, like, shit animation. It's like: "All out of mercy!", but in this one, there's actually character. It has a personality, the skull, the Ghost Rider. And Nic Cage is actually playing it, so it works and it's just fucking sweet. It's...Actually... a lot of parts were pretty intimidating where they should have been. The entire thins is, yes, a laugh fest, or even a snicker fest, but at the same time: Were they trying to make the Ghost Rider look badass? I thought he looked pretty fucking badass. The directors are stylistic and they can make even something as simple as a phone conversation visually simulating. Some great camerawork.