Wonder ★★★★★

Us people have a tendency of wanting to punch a thing as cute as "Wonder" in the face, but the truth is there's absolutely no reason to poop this party. Yes, every character is a relatable sob story and the whole thing is very American, but my eyes were wet for the majority of the film and the whole thing was weaved together very expertly. The lead actors did a wonderful job, no exception. Julia Roberts & Owen Wilson made a very cute couple as they are both usually very adorable on their own, but Mandy Patinkin as a school headmaster, now that is genius casting! Made my day. The message of this film is not a totally new one but it is unique. I bet at least 95% of the USA don't even know what Treacher Collins Syndrome is. In general, the movie isn't exactly surprising but it's full of fun little surprises that make it very enjoyable. If you're allergic to kitsch and wholesome shit, stay away, but my family and I (9-51 year olds) had a blast.