Eternals ★★★½

-Ok, i dont know how and why people hated this one so much. Its a decent one , not too good neither too bad.

-First of all these pitiful eternals didnt get the chance to save earth from thanos , and when now they are getting some recognition you are not letting them to be famous like avengers. You humans are cruel.🥺

-And will jon snow do something? Or he is a prop.😂

-I liked the fact that they introduced some characters and killed them in the same movie so that the production will save some money.😂

-one thing for sure it was visually pleasing, colorful,even the deviants were looking beautiful 😂

-As an indian , i am saying kumail nanjiani was quite irritating and why do people find him funny.

-wasnt able to take my eyes of jolie🙂

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