Days of Heaven

Days of Heaven ★★★★½

Terence Mallick Ranking

To say that Days of Heaven is when Mallick became Mallick would be unfair to Badlands since there is a lot of Malli-sism in that film as well.Plus he wouldn't make another film for 20 years where he would again change his style.But,for me,Days of Heaven is when Mallick's inner conflict of having a straightforward narrative vs focusing more on nature and man's relationship with it.

Rightfully cited by critics and cinephiles alike as one of The Most Beautiful films ever made,Days of Heaven has anything you can ask for.From overwhelmingly colorful images to vast landscapes of endless beauty,Nature has never looked more beautiful.Heck even those disgusting bugs look pretty good.In addition to that there is an amazing Morricone score that suits the film perfectly.Probably my favorite Non-Leone Collaboration Morricone score!

More than worth a shot!

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