In the Mood for Love ★★★★★

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50 films reached!!Yoohoo!50 films in 3 months,I think that's pretty good going.Thank y'all for participating it's been really fun and I am glad I have discovered many new favorites!

You could say I wasn't "In the mood for love" when I first put this on,so 20 minutes in I decided to stop watching and watch it from the start tomorrow morning.Turns out I made the right choice cause this is a film that requires 100% of the viewer's attention and it's very easy to lose track of what's going on.This is often called one of the best if not the BEST film of the 21st century and I might just agree.A masterpiece in every sense of the word and an outstanding piece of art!

This is my third Wong Kar-Wai-After Chungking Express & Fallen Angels-and I was completely shocked to see just how different(& better)this was from the previous two.This is a slowly paced,passionately crafted patient film to the point where almost every shot can be a painting.It also chooces to focus on mainly two characters instead of trying to balance multiple storylines like the other two Kar-Wais I mentioned.There is a sense of control in almost every shot that simply wasn't there in his 90s pictures that were far more fluent & natural.

The film is almost flawless from a techinichal scale making great use of lightning and having some fantastic cinematography.I don't think it's an exagerration when I say this is one of the most beautiful films I've seen in my life.Particularly the scenes in the rain really floored me.What impressed me the most of his direction,however,was how he never showed us the faces of Suen's wife and Ho's husband(not sure if those are the correct names) because they were never the focus of the film.I didn't realise it until the 2nd time I saw the first 15 minutes or so,but there are hints of their upcoming relationship right from the start.

Apart from Wong's maestry,the film also excells at the acting department boasting two magneficent performances from Tony Leung Chiu-Wai(Shang-Chi just got a whole lot better!) & he stunningly beautiful Maggie Cheung who would've won every award out there if we were living on a proper world.Of course I can't NOT mention the extremely moving score,which I am actually listening RIGHT NOW as I'm writing this!The score manages to make already powerful scenes 10x more powerful and moving and is definetely becoming one of my favorite usages of music in any film.

To be totally honest I was going to accuse this of "style over substance" as the story first seemed ridicously simple to get so much attention.However,as I've sat and thought about it I realized this is a very complex multi-layered film that has a lot more to say than I originally thought.I think it says that "Love" is not a simple emotion but a human state that can overcome any kind of emotion.Our two leads surpass all kinds of emotions from jealousy to anger to sadness only to fall in love with each other.It's also a film about morality as they don't want their relationship to become like their partners's affair.

On an Overall scale,while this a film that is most definetely hard to get into and I was also very confused at the beggining,I think if you give it the proper attention you'll appreciate this.Even if you don't care much or at all about the story and the characters,it's hard to not admire the sheer beauty of this asian gem.In the Mood for Love is moving poetic cinema that completely deserves its reputation and its ever-growing fanbase.While eternal sunshine might be just a tad bit better for me to earn the crown of the ultimate film of the century,this is surely up there.

The 2000s keep getting better & better,I may have misjudged them.
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