Psycho ★★★★★

Hitchcock's most acclaimed and mainstream work is one where the iconic filmaker takes all his usual techniques and elevates them to a whole new level,making one of the most iconic and influential horror films of all time.

As is is crafted by the master of suspense,Psycho is just that, 2 hours of intensity and a need to know what happens next which holds surprisngly well on second viewing.It keeps you guessing on who the killer is as similar to Rear Window new information comes in everytime that makes you question your guess.

Having one of the most chilling and nerve-racking scores of all time that makes otherwise standard scenes thrilling,being Masterfully crafted by not only Hitchcock but the entire crew and feauting one of the greatest performances and character concepts in a horror film in the case of Anthony Perkins' Norman Bates,"Psycho" is a timeless classic that will continue to haunt viewers as long as film exists.

I think I slightly prefer northy By northwest so this is only my third favorite Hitchcock at the moment,but I have yet to put North By Northwest or even Rear window through the test of rewatch.Psycho held up very well and I can safely say that seeing it with someone who is only viewing it for the first time is amazing!!

Chances are you have seen it,But if you haven't;well..What are you waiting for??I have met quite a few cinephiles in my life who for some reason decided to skip this masterpiece and watch the silly remake instead just because this one is black & white.I think that's extremely silly as black & white really doesn't make as much of a difference as one would think,you don't even realise it while watching.Plus in the case of "Psycho" Hitchcock deliberately made it black & white to create the perfect atmosphere.As with all things you need to give it a chance before completely avoiding it.