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Spider-Man: Far from Home ★★★★

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I will keep this spoiler-free but I will be talking about the post-credit scenes in the final sentences so Be Careful.

So welcome to Chapter 23 of the Marvel Empire and the MCU has now reached maximum self-awarness.They know they are on top of the world and competition is almost non-existant.That leads to a film that is full of references and call-backs to previous films,something you'll love if you love the mcu and you'll hate if you don't.

I LOVE the Marvel Universe.I have loved it since I got introduced to it by Avengers Earth's Mightiest Heroes at the age of 10.I care deeply for all these characters.But the MCU has had its ups and downs and while I enjoyed homecoming a lot,mostly because of Keaton's menacing Vulture,i was let down by it and I think it is one of the weaker mcu films.

Thankfully the sequel "Far from Home" is far better in my opinion.Directed by Jon Watts,director of homecoming,the sequel focuses much more on Peter Parker than spider-man.After the 2 craziest years of his life Peter goes from the kid excited to be there in civil war,to someone who is tired of all the superheroing and desperetaly needs a break.He thinks his school trip with his friends & his crush will be the break he needs,but sadly for him Mysterio and Fury have other plans.

Jake Gyllenhaal's Mysterio was easily the thing I was most excited to see here and he ended up being easily my favorite part of the film.The way they differentiated his character from other comic book villains is really intresting and I like how it made fun of all the CGI they use in these films.Jake gives a very charming performance and Mysterio is easily one of the better comic book movie villains.

Easily my favorite thing about this film are the action scenes.They really use Mysterio's powers to maximum effect and one scene is particular feels like its taken right out of a comic or a video game.You don't often see something like that in blockbusters so it was quite refreshing to see them go full bonkers with this one.It's also very smart as they keep subverting your expectations with what's real and what isn't.

Tom Holland continues to be a great spider-man and gets a lot more to work with this time around.I really feel his spidey is only going to get better as he ages and grows more mature.Holland's spiderman is excactly how spider-man should be,Relatable.Sony has come a long way to modernise spider-man & his world and make him more relevant and I do feel for the most part they have succeeded.He has a lot of the usual teenage struggles but because of the additional factor of spiderman and Stark's glasses,I found it far more enjoyable than some popular recent coming of age films.

Unlike homecoming,surprisngly I really liked the humor here.While it didn't click 100% of the time,when it did it really did!,as some of the scenes with Pete's classmates are hilarious.Most people don't like Tony Revolori's Flash but i actually really enjoy seeing him in that role and I do like where they took his character here,although one extra scene of that wouldn't hurt and would've made him far more sympathetic.

Overall,Spider-Man Far from Home is a welcome addition to the MCU that will more than likely end up on the upper self of marvel movies.I feel it is an improvement upon homecoming as I found the latter quite incosequential whereas here,Mysterio is really giving Peter a hard time.The side characters are all great,the action scenes are some of the best in the series and Jake really brings it as Mysterio.It's always a joy to see Sam Jackson in the role but he was a little underused here.
Lastly while I had a lot of fun with Pete's class here,I really hope there is a big time jump on the next one.We've seen enough teenage Parker,time for him to graduate.

Definetely catch in theaters if you're a fan of the MCU,spidey or Gyllenhaal!

Now About those 2 credit scenes!
*Spoilers Ahead!!*
1)JK Simmons is back!!I am not the biggest fan of the Raimi trilogy but he is easily my favorite part of it so glad he didn't get replaced.
2)Revealing Peter's identity to the world is a VERY intresting idea that demands a far more serious film that I am extremely hyped to see.It's not gonna be easy,but if they do pull it off it will probably be the best of the trilogy.
3)I HATE the idea of the skrulls being good guys.Why would you introduce shape-shifting aliens if you are going to use them as good guys?These characters are far more intresting as villains,Ask Mystique!
That said They haven't closed the door for Secret Invasion just yet,just because Talos is a good guy doesn't mean his daughter is too!She could definetely start a skrull revolution inside S.W.O.R.D. and then begin the invasion..

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