• About Time

    About Time


    Dumping Margot Robbie is the most fantastical element in this

  • As You Sleep the World Empties

    As You Sleep the World Empties

    Best short ever??
    Was indeed very emotional

  • Drive My Car

    Drive My Car


    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    Drive my car is about coming to face to face with our grief and learning to move past it.It exposes the wounds we keep hidden and tries to heal them.

    The lead,Yusuke,is still haunted by his daughter's death 20 years later and has distanced himself emotionally from his wife.That takes a toll on their marriage and she tries to find carnal satisfaction in other men.Yet she can't leave him,knowing how it could break his already fragile reality.Her spirit still deeply…

  • Nightmare Alley

    Nightmare Alley


    Nightmare Alley is a film obsessed with unmasking its characters,undressing their psychological layers in an attempt to guess the pain buried inside.It takes place during the harsh times of World War 2,when the need to survive awakens the characters' animalistic insticts.

    Bradley Cooper's Stan thinks he got the world figured out and thus stands isolated from the crowd.A Predator amongst emotionally weaker Pray.He tries to find like-minded predators in an attempt to cheat his way to the top of the…

  • Spider-Man: No Way Home

    Spider-Man: No Way Home


    Forget about the messy first act and the many on the nose references.
    Screw my inner critic noticing all the mistakes.
    Fuck'em all.
    I am floored.

    I wasn't as hyped as everyone was since the idea seemed like it wouldn't work on a feature film and Im not even too big on the spiderman films in general.But I was wrong.Much like the recent spiderverse,No Way Home(still a stupid title) captures the essence of spider-man that originally made him such an…

  • Secret Sunshine

    Secret Sunshine


    All of Chang-Dong's films clinge towards the depressing side of the scale but none feel quite as bleak & hopeless as Secret Sunshine.The story starts as a mother and her child move to Miryang to make a new start after the death of her husband.After losing her child and with it any chance of moving forward she is left with nothing,a mere shadow of who she was before in a town that now seems more hostile than ever.Here we see a…

  • Poetry



    Poetry and Empathy are inextricably linked to one another.Poets use poetry as not only a means of expression but also to re-enforce their connection with ideas,others or the world at large.To create meaningful art also means to care,to believe that things can get better otherwise there is no point in making it in the first place.

    Therefore the statement in the middle of the film,where the two celebrated artists argue that poetry is dying,could also represent the fear that empathy…

  • Oasis



    A man with a strong body,tons of energy and filled to the brim with child-like affection but whose mind always fails him.
    A woman with a sharp mind,tons of imagination and immeasurable kindness but whose body always fails her.
    Exploited and rejected by their respective families and society at large they create an oasis from the empty dessert of civillization when they're with one another,when they become whole.

    Oasis is a film about hyprocricy.Hong's older brother seems to personify this…

  • Peppermint Candy

    Peppermint Candy


    This has to be one of the finest,most well-thoughtout screenplays ever writen.A man commits suicide by standing in front of a moving train and in the same way they often say our lives pass before our eyes moments before we die,time starts moving backwards taking the audience on a journey of self discovery by showing us all the important events of the man's life.

    Chang-Dong uses the railroad lines as a time machine that can only ever go at one…

  • Dune



    I'm torn.

    On one hand Dune has to be one of the finest(techinically speaking)films Hollywood has ever made.The sets are astonishing,the visuals groundbreaking,the cinematography awe-inspiring.The cast is basically as if someone who read the book envisioned a dream team for all the parts and then actually succeded in getting all of them to portray them.The Score is powerful as Hell.A True Epic in every way shape,way or form and one of the coolest cinematic experiences I've ever had.

    On the…

  • After Life

    After Life


    I was wondering how a film with such an astoundingly intriguing premise could be so underseen,now I know why.Should be studied in film classes across the world on the importance of the "Show Don't Tell" rule and what happens when you do the Exact Opposite.

    And to think of how excited I was to see it,My Disappointment is Immeasurable and My day is ruined.

  • Polytechnique



    Despite the simplicity of the script,Villeneuve tells the story with so much care and respect that he allows viewers who were not familiar with the real life masssacre immediately understand the significance of the event as well as feel the weight of every shot fired at the canadian polytechnique.

    Whilist I don't think Denis has any particular style that he brings to all his films,I believe he has the abillity to adapt and change his style given the needs of…