2046 ★★

Now I finally understand why Doyle was so frustrated with Wong Kar Wai during the filming of 2046. He said, "I feel that 2046 is unneccesary, in retrospect." It certainly does feel that way to me.

2046 is like Wong Kar Wai trying to recreate all his best moments from this previous movies, trying to recreate the melancholy and the emotion but yet falling flat on his stomach. I'll say that without Doyle's pretty visuals and Wong Kar Wai's usual flair of great music, this film would have been an absolutely terrible experience. This movie feels as if it's only goal is to capitalise off of In The Mood For Love's success, as if WKW is out of ideas. Out of inspiration. Trying to recreate older greats, trying to recreate a story we've all seen before, but in a different light.

Considering Wong Kar Wai is one of my favourite directors and he has helmed some of my absolute favourite films, it baffles me that I would not enjoy a film of his like this. His previous films felt like a mess, but an organised mess. 2046 feels like a true disorganised mess; jumbled, muddled, and put in disarray. Probably a very unpopular opinion of course, but this is truly one of the most disappointing movies I've seen in a while.

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