In the Mood for Love

In the Mood for Love ★★★★★

"That era has passed. Nothing that belongs to it exists anymore."

When I had first watched In The Mood For Love a month back, although taken aback by the incredible cinematography by Doyle and the pure melancholy of Kar Wai's work, I couldn't seem to come to a conclusion on it. Months later, after watching Chungking Express and the absolutely phenomenal Fallen Angels, I decided to return to In The Mood For Love one more time, in order to finally "get" it, and really feel the movie for what it was meant to be, and it really is a beautiful piece of work.

Although In The Mood For Love doesn't hold the same amount of kinetic energy Fallen Angels had, or the playful nature of Chungking Express, it had a powerful amount of melancholy and emotion, and contains one of the most iconic scenes in Wong Kar Wai's filmography, which is the stairs scene. Although I didnt enjoy this as much as I did Fallen Angels, this is still an iconic piece of work that is a must watch for anybody who wants to dive into Wong Kar Wai's films or films in general.

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