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  • Bad Education
  • Burning
  • Parasite
  • Sunset Boulevard

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  • The Shawshank Redemption


  • Training Day


  • RRR


  • Men


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  • RRR



    I can excuse the "hand of God" on the screenplay because this story is SO GODDAMN intriguing! Not only that, but it's brilliantly made and Ram Charan delivers a phenomenal performance!

  • Barakat



    Nothing is as refreshing as seeing coloured culture on any sized screen. It's particularly sweet seeing it on the big screen without the conflict that plagues the country's view of the coloured identity (i.e. drugs, gangsterism, violence).

    Where Barakat thrives is its authentic set and costume design. The small details in the interior decorations of houses reminds me very much of an aunty whose house I frequented during my childhood. With sparks of slightly comedic moments, Quanita Adams and Vinette…