A History of Violence ★★★★★

We all have our on own individual tastes, opinions, likes, and dislikes! I think we all have films that we can say it's just my type of thing. A History of Violence is a film like that for me. I love everything about it! The way it's shot, the acting, the cinematography, the way it builds tension, everything just works for me. Films that make you feel something are among the best in my opinion and what this film made me feel was TENSION! The way Cronenberg masterfully directs this film is awesome. There's not as much violence as you might expect considering the title, but the tension is so thick throughout when violence does happen it bursts onto the screen! The cast is terrific with top notch performances by Mortensen, Bello, and Harris. The best performance in my opinion comes from the Oscar nominated William Hurt. He's in the film very briefly but he steals every second he's on screen. With the fact this is my type of film which I stated earlier I can't guarantee anyone they'll like it as much as me, but it ranks in my top ten of all-time and I highly recommend it!

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