Her ★★★★★

Sometimes when my oldest son is crying or having a tantrum my wife will say to him "use your words". I kind of feel like Spike Jonze is saying that to me as I write this review. I have a lot of words for "Her", but the one that stands out the most is beautiful. There's a lot of movies out their I'd call great, amazing, awesome, but beautiful? That one doesn't come up very often. This is a beautiful film about life and love with the most relatable character to me personally since Barry Egan in "Punch Drunk Love".

It's set in the near future, and tells the tale of a man in the midst of divorce who falls in love with an operating system. Director/writer Spike Jonze takes us on a journey of love lost, love found, and back again.

One of the rarest things in cinema today is originality. It's almost as scarce as the dinosaurs. "Her" is the most original film I've seen in years. Jonze has crafted a piece of cinema like no other. The story seemed to reach my soul, and the beautiful cinematography brought it all to life.

Joaquin Phoenix who is cast in the lead role as Theodore Twombly adds to his already impressive resume with this performance. I couldn't call it anything else but amazing. Much like I did with Barry Egan in "Punch Drunk Love" I simply get this guy. I understand what he is going through. Scarlett Johansson who is only a voice in the film is outstanding as well. I'm not sure how anyone could not fall in love with that voice. It's stimulating to say the least.

There are bad films, good films, great films, and everything in between. What Spike Jonze has done here is an achievement in filmmaking. An original work that is so well put together, and so wonderfully acted it deserves the praise of the film community. He's given the world a timeless love story with a hint of sci-fi and I absolutely loved it. See this film!

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