Killer Joe ★★★★

Killer Joe Cooper: That poor, miserable bastard set his own genitals on fire just to teach his girlfriend a lesson. I guess he showed her. I wonder if she ever got over it.
Dottie Smith: Was he all right?
Killer Joe Cooper: No. No, he was not all right. He set his genitals on fire.

Oh man some movies are just my type of shit and this is one of them. I love it when a director is not afraid to push boundaries, and make the film he wants to make regardless of how many people think it's too fucked up or find it offensive. I'm a huge fan of any film that can shock me or simply make me say what the fuck on several occasions and Killer Joe is one of those films. Now don't get me wrong I don't enjoy it when a film is shocking just for the sake of being shocking, but that's not an issue here because albeit a messed up story there's a solid story here.

I gotta say I enjoyed all of the performances, but Matthew McConaughey gives by far his best performance as Killer Joe. He's cool and calm most of the time but at others he's one of the creepiest characters I've ever seen! He completely controls every scene he's in, and it's a twisted treat to watch. The other characters play white trailer trash to perfection and bring this dark story to life.

Now before seeing this film I read countless reviews mentioning fried chicken and how after seeing this film the person would never eat fried chicken again. Well I love fried chicken. I've been called a chicken connoisseur and I gotta tell you, I'll still eat it after seeing this, but holy fuck it almost cured my addiction. If you haven't seen this film you'll know the scene is coming before you see it, and it's one of the most fucked up scenes I've ever seen on film. There's no denying it's disturbing but it's also one of the best scenes I've ever seen and one where McConaughey absolutely shines!

It's already been said in countless reviews this film is not for everyone, but I really think it's a film everyone should see at least once, and it's kind of sad that the subject matter will keep a lot of people from seeing McConaughey's best performance. Overall I loved it because as I mentioned before this is my type of shit, and I hope Friedkin keeps pushing the envelope and making films like this and Bug.

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