Ran ★★★★★

first movie of my first ever isolation period due to covid 19.

One can not simply review a Kurosawa movie and do the man any justice. Kurosawa has set the highest bar ever when it comes to creating world building epics with deep characters and beautiful landscapes. I unfortunately have not read, or done any research into King Lear, which is what this film is based on, but I don't believe that is mandatory. Maybe before I dive into a second watch I will read up on the subject.

Admittedly it took me a little while to get into Ran. Despite being instantly captured by the unreal landscapes, the beautifully designed costumes and the performances, It was pretty slow narratively to begin with, but rightfully so. Once you reach the 1 hour mark we're given a battle scene, where we are deafened from reality with beautifully composed music, while we are witnessing killings, brutality and horror. This scene spoke to me in ways cinema rarely does. It made me realise I am watching one of the most ambitious, genius and flawless movies ever made. On multiple occasions I felt emotional, but not really from the sadness that lingers off of the movie, but just the sheer ambition and fucking effort that was put into this thing. Seeing hundreds of bandits and troops running through the fog, hungry for murder, is something that is incredibly hard to direct. However Kurosawa pulls it off like it is absolutely nothing.

I'm glad I didn't put this one off for any longer. With Kurosawa's filmography I usually have to schedule a viewing, for me to fully get invested. This was the perfect time for me to watch Ran due to the fact I cannot leave my house, and in a way I am thankful.

One of the most (if not, THE most) triumphant films ever made. I will be surprised if anything in Kurosawa's filmography overtakes Ran as my favourite, but I am not doubting anything.


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