The Fabelmans

The Fabelmans ★★★★★

Watching this last night really tore me up. My great grandfather passed earlier in the day and it didn’t feel real. The first time I watched this I saw parallels between Mitzi and my grandmother but this time I really saw my great grandfather in Burt. My great grandparents were married for close to 70 years and so close to one another but their personalities were so close to the ones I saw on the screen last night. My great grandfather worked so hard for his family and dearly supported my great grandmother in anything she did. He might be the hardest working man I’ve ever known. My great grandma even bought a monkey at one point in her life too, she’ll tell you all about how it swallowed her wedding ring if you ask. This review is a little long winded and not much about The Fabelmans but I needed all this to say how much it touched me last night. I didn’t cry once yesterday  until seeing Burt on the screen verbally giving Sam his support. It sounded like something Papa would’ve said. I’ll miss you Papa Waken.

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