Nope ★★★★

"What's a bad miracle? They got a word for that?"

With three great movies under his belt, Jordan Peele has nicely carved out his small spot in the expansive world of cinema. Each of his films has a distinct feel, but they are clearly coming from his sensibilities. I kind of feel like this is his Jaws. While the shark isn't always around, its presence is always felt. There is a slight feeling of dread, but I thought eerie was much more front and center. Daniel Kaluuya gives a conservative but commanding performance. Keke Palmer compliments him well as his extrovert sister. Their sibling relationship felt authentic in their tug-of-war conversations. Steven Yuen was great in his small role. And one of the greatest voices in cinema, Michael Wincott, still draws me in with every word. In usual Peele fashion, this does have its analogies, but it is more subtle than his previous efforts. This time around, it is about family legacy and its erasure. Also a cautionary tale about spectacles and taming predators. And this predator looked beautiful, ominous, and doomsday.

8.5 out of 10 nickels

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