Scream VI

Scream VI ★★★★

"Do you feel like an animal, Jason? Like meat?"

Samara Weaving is a professor in slasher cinema... Marry me! Look out Scream 2, there is a new best sequel. I adore this franchise, and I don't even mind 3, but 4 is where my enjoyment dipped. But Radio Silence has done a great job of breathing new life into this while keeping the same vibe going. I think Wes Craven would approve. I was nervous about how quickly this was made since it has only been a year since the previous title, but from beginning to end, I was engaged. The opening act is fantastic, hits hard, and doesn't let up until the end. The slasher sequences are intense, have great build-up, and the gore doesn't disappoint. I thought the stabbing sound effects were extra brutal. I did squee when there was a synchronized blade wipe. The subway sequence is heart-pounding and nail-biting. And since this is Halloween, everybody is dressed up as different horror icons, making it a horror Easter egg smorgasbord. I love that Babadook is in there as a great callback to 5. This Ghostface felt extra dangerous, and any character could have been removed. I love how weathered and worn the mask is. And the climax was spectacular, with the shrine design wonderfully paying homage to everything from before. I was happy to see the core four returning actors. Melissa Barrera and Jenna Ortega are redefining the final girl formula, and I love it. I was happy that Hayden Panettiere has returned, and her game recognizes game scene with Jasmin Savoy Brown was great. I definitely ship that. Courtney Cox can do Gail Weathers in her sleep and kill it. And I always enjoy seeing Dermot Mulroney. It is hard to fathom a horror franchise going this long and remaining relatively strong, and as of right now, it doesn't feel like it's slowing down.

8.5 out of 10 discarded Ghostface masks

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