Saw ★★★★

Much like with Skyfall, I’d seen Saw before but it was too long ago to remember properly aside from the plot twists and questionable editing choices here and there. So I’m gonna log this as my first time watching James Wan’s iconic horror flick. 

My main issues were definitely the over-editing of some scenes, and from what I remember of the other entries in this franchise I’ve seen it doesn’t exactly improve. The other issue I had was the pacing at times, it wasn’t bad but there were a few times where I was veering closer to bored territory than I would’ve liked. It also felt majorly 2000s to me. 

Those few issues aside though, this is a pretty good horror movie. The jumpscares aren’t dreadfully overused like they are with some modern horror films, and the ones that are here admittedly did get me, even though I saw them coming. That iconic plot twist is done really well and even though I knew what was going to happen it was still a pretty shocking moment overall. It wasn’t overly gory, and the blood and gore we did see looked quite good, so good job from that department. There’s nothing that specifically stands out for me on the filmmaking side of things, but the cinematography fit well enough for the movie. 

Saw does feel very 2000s, and the over editing bothered me, but it still makes for an entertaining horror movie with a few scares, a great plot twist and a generally interesting plot. 


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