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This review may contain spoilers.

it keeps clinging to me

after the first tone shift, everything just keeps coming at you faster and faster. it shifts again and again and you're never ready for it. it's beautiful and terrifying.

halfway through you start getting the same feeling you'd get on a highway, knowing there's a car crash coming up. you don't want to look and yet, since you're already forced to slow down, you take a peak and you can't look away.

that rain was such a blessing

you're uneasy the whole way through and you know damn well why. and there's this loneliness, this sadness to every action, every word. not to be too on the nose but this movie hits you over the head with a rock. there's no escaping its message, there's no 'simply enjoying good cinema'. it transcends that. it demands your attention but above that it demands you understand it.

you know what kind of plan that never fails? no plan. no plan at all.

and then there's the official script with the ending being all 'over black - music plays. bright, but with an undertone of hopelessness' and you feel the hopelessness because ki-woo has laid out this plan for getting his dad out of that house but you're only relieved for a fraction of a second before you know. you remember ki-taek's because life cannot be planned and there's this sense of doom, of helplessness despite -- no, because there's now a plan in place to rescue ki taek. it feels like schrödinger's hope.

and i could go on and on but mr. incredible vc: i'm not strong enough

what a way to start my 2020

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