Cam ★★★★

Cam is such a surprise gem and much better than it has any right to be. As a Netflix production, Cam details the twisty plight of a cam girl to win back her identity from herself. Everything about this movie feels extremely intimate and surreal, with an undeniable sci-fi/supernatural tinge. The suspense is immense from the get-go and lasts until the very end, where every piece falls into place, despite the fact that no definite answer has been given to unravel the mystery. The acting caliber is surprising high for a low-budget indie horror, thanks to Madeline Brewer's extremely believable and mesmerizing performance, which allows the audience to wholeheartedly go on the High-and-Low-risque mystery-solving process along with her, especially so if you have any basic knowledge of how online live cam sites work.

What's most impressive about this movie is the uncannily accurate representation of the online sex cam industry and the surprisingly complicated and competitive world behind the curtain, which has rarely been adapted to the big screen. It's a nice and creative spin on the everyday struggles these sex workers go through, and an extremely well-executed, refreshing variation on the sub-genre of identity theft on its own. Highly recommended.

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