Tenet ★★★★★

“This is cowboy shit”

Just a couple bros inverting time as they save the world, how could you even hate on this one bit? Don’t listen to anyone who nitpicks this movie and doesn’t enjoy it because it’s either “you can’t hear the dialogue!” or “Nolan breaks the logic of the movie!” Brother, sincerely, who the fuck cares, DID YOU NOT JUST SEE RPATTS AND JDW RUNNING THROUGH A FUTURE DYSTOPIAN RUSSIAN TOWN AS THEY PAR TAKE IN A WAR THAT IS REVERSED? Anyways, it’s a certified Dudes Rock movie that is pure euphoria and Nolan’s 2nd best film (being his most successful ambitious experiment to date) Also, you’re 1000000000% guaranteed lying if you didn’t shed a tear when Neil says “I’ll see you at the beginning, friend” 😪

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