Little Women ★★★★½

it’s not lady bird (few things are to be fair) but little women resonated with me in a way a story about 4 white women shouldn’t with a black male. gerwig has created something so warm but equally heartbreaking. although the non-linear storyline could be a little less confusing, it allows her to snap from the loving warmth of childhood and the cold melancholy of adulthood, i can’t speak for how this keeps the original novel intact but the themes of a woman’s place in society feel just as resonate (like i would relate) and are beautifully expressed through the characters of jo and amy march.

i was wondering how gerwig would adapt to studio filmmaking after years of being THAT indie darling but she’s made something with her clear handprints and understands the masses it has to please. barbie remake hype, i guess?

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