The Lighthouse

The Lighthouse ★★★★★

Masterpiece. Instant Classic. I was already a fan of Robert Eggers, with The Witch already being among my favorite films, and here he has established himself as one of my favorite directors of all time having only two films. I admire your courage in the whole approach of the film, and for opting for the hardest ways to run this work, risks that few directors are willing to take today. Mysterious, this is a movie that seduces to want to review and understand why it exists, so rich in symbology, that each watched will improve.

Regarding the performances of Pattinson and Dafoe, I have no words, if the technical and visual virtuosity of the work already amazes, the performances are the best thing that the film has to offer. Every new Pattinson performance is the best of his career, and this is the best of his career for now. I wonder where this man will end up.

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