Drive My Car

Drive My Car ★★★★★

We’ll live through the long long days and the long nights. We’ll patiently endure the trials that fate sends our way.

ruined my life just as the last jigsaw piece seemed to fall into place and right after i finally learned to pick myself up out of a horrid state of mind, but in that way it's life-changing on a scale i can't say i've experienced before. all of my favourite films speak to me in one way or another, but they usually resonate on one level unique to each film; such is not the case with drive my car, which sort of touches on everything that makes my favourite films individually so special to me, like a coalescence of everything i like my art to get at in my life if you will. that in itself makes this more special than any other film to me, but the way it carries all the baggage of life yet still eventually affirms life, is like nothing else. there's absolutely nothing in the text, not one thread, that I do not feel in my bones, nothing that does not move me profoundly. the best film since momoko ando's 0.5 mm, but good lord, the similarities don't end anywhere near there. colossal emotion expressed minimally and breathing with detail and nuance; it had me on the edge of my seat by the hour mark and floored by the third, and i started the film pretty comfortable in bed.

Japanuary | 2021 Canon

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