Where the Wild Things Are

Where the Wild Things Are ★★★★½

I’ve been on a Spike Jonze drip for the past few days and this was a film I never watched as a kid. Watching this for the first time aged 19 was super interesting 

The film is unexpectedly heavy, yet given Jonze’s filmography it’s also no surprise at all. The melancholic look at a child at the cusp of adolescence. Symbolically seeking solace within himself but also fighting aspects of his childlike nature. 

The ills of the world, separation, a now emotionally distant teen sister, the finiteness of the world all becoming known to him. It shakes his understanding, frightening him and causing an overwhelming loneliness. And each character we meet being manifestations of these feelings and experiences. (Passion and rage, maternal love, fear of abandonment, jealousy and spite, sadness)

I keep using this word with Jonze but what he does here is nothing short of genius. The acoustic score and cinematography are *chefs kiss*. I LOVED the kids Wolf onesie man that was awesome(reminiscent of frank from donnie darko and that one scene in palo alto) and the creatures have the same monstrous albeit cuddly vibe of Totoro of studio ghibli. 

All in all bittersweet but beautiful. This is a film that speaks to the inner child that resides deep in us all. Thank you spike jonze.

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