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Spooktober 2020 Flick #21
Sequels Suck... or they are Average?

Scream was such an excellent slasher flick that I decided it would be a great time to binge all the Scream movies. Scream 2 has to be the film I have the least to say about, mostly because it is pretty mediocre. After the horrific murders in Woodsboro in the first film, we now follow Sidney Prescott to the fictional Windsor college. With the new setting, we get new characters like Jerry O'Connell playing Sidney's new, less murderous boyfriend. Since the boyfriend was the killer in the last film, we can already clear the new one as not the killer. Cotton Weary, who was the man Sidney falsely accused of murdering Sidney's mother, returns in a much larger part. I found the new cast of characters suitable enough, but the only characters that matter are the returning cast. Dewey still does the weird thing with his face, and Gale Weathers is still getting socked in the face by Sidney. All is right in the universe.

This movie is still meta as hell. Randy, while he is still alive, now gives us the rules of a horror sequel. The first rule is that the kill count is always higher, which is a box we can check off. The second mentioned rule is the kills are always gorier. This was the case in Halloween 2 and further proves to be the case in Scream 2. We get some gnarly kills, with the kill on the second detective proving to be the most gruesome. So we get more kills and better kills, so better movie, right? Not in this case, as I disliked the killers in this movie. Mikey had a good motive and was psychotic, but the fact that he is barely in the movie doesn't sit right with me. There is a whole 45 minutes where we don't get a glimpse at Mikey. Mrs. Loomis is one of my least favorite Ghostface killers. It was surprising, yes, but the character's personality seemed too over the top and poorly done.

This movie packs enough violence and audience subversion to be a decent slasher flick. I was on the edge of the seat for most of this movie, and compared to Scream 3, which I also watched, this is damn near a masterpiece.

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