The Dead Don't Die

The Dead Don't Die ★★½

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This review may contain spoilers.

Spooktober Leftovers #3
This Isn't Going To End Well.

I watched over 70 movies in 2019, so I was never able to get to Jim Jarmusch's zombie comedy The Dead Don't Die. The roster assembled here was very promising, with a cast consisting of Bill Murray, Adam Driver, Danny Glover, and Tilda Swinton. And hey, is that American Singer/Songwriter Tom Waits playing a hobo? Why yes, it is! Is that former Disney star Selena Gomez who shows up for 4 minutes? Sure is! With a great cast and the possibility of fun zombie comedy, I sat down thinking I would watch the next Shaun of the Dead. The story takes place in a small town with cops as our titular heroes, following the blueprint of many horror movies these days (The Wolf of Snow Hallow). The cinematography was great, all spooky, and colorful. We get dry Adam Driver humor, which I beg for more every time.

My compliments have to stop there, though, as I found the rest of the movie lackluster. The humor is dry, which is great, but 95% of the humor didn't hit with me. When Adam Driver first suspects that the murders in town are zombies, everyone goes with it. This is one of the tamest reactions to a zombie apocalypse ever. With this movie being a self-aware zombie comedy, I know this was probably done on purpose. This movie tries to spoof the zombie genre but feels silly. We get a weird scene that breaks the 4th wall with Adam Driver talking about reading the script of the movie with Bill Murray, and the whole time I was rolling my eyes. This zombie flick is not my cup of tea.

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