Tenet ★★

How does a movie with this much exposition still feel so convoluted? The dialogue is some of the clunkiest dialogue Nolan has ever used. The characters are one dimensional even by Nolan’s low standards. The women of this movie are unsurprisingly underwritten and are again given some of the most laughable dialogue of the entire movie (“He’ll kill everyone on earth” “Including my son!” Absolutely embarrassing). 

Neil says in the beginning of this movie to “Not think about it too much.” The movie then proceeds to force you to cobble together it’s incredibly tedious exposition into a coherent story in order to grasp what’s happening. You can’t “not think about it” and understand what’s happening. This movie felt like it was artificially and needlessly convoluted to the point where I couldn’t enjoy it. 

Set pieces are nice. I enjoyed the music. Elizabeth Debicki pieces together a really great performance in spite of the way her character is written. The concept is interesting, but the way it’s presented across its 2.5 hour run time made it so hard to care about what I was watching. Maybe Nolan can invert me and send me back in time to before I spent $20.00 on this movie.

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