Bodies Bodies Bodies

Bodies Bodies Bodies ★★★★

I had a great time with this! My first thoughts were Clue but with idiots but that's pretty much what Clue is so I'm going with Gen Z's much needed adaption of Clue.

Thoroughly impressed with all of the cast (not you Pete) with obvious standouts: Rachel Sennott for making me laugh in every scene she's in. Myha’la Herrold for being delightfully off-balance. Seriously, check out her work in HBO's Industry because she's absolutely killing it. And finally, Maria Bakalova, who I'm so happy everyone noticed after her Oscar nomination. She's brilliant and everyone should cast in her in their next project.

The film itself is a perfect blend of comedy and horror as the most annoying rich girls (not you Jordan, you're upper middle class) tear their already fragile friendships apart with the pettiest of arguments. "Emotions are facts!" Highly entertaining with a brilliant soundtrack and enough humor to carry through to the final scene. Bodies Bodies Bodies was pure pleasure to watch and I desperately needed that. It was a gift of the highest order: watching the elite destroy themselves.

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