Explorer: The Last Tepui

Explorer: The Last Tepui ★★★

DCEFF 2022 Watch #39

Journey through the jungle in Guyana as Alex Hannold does more insane shit with big rocks except this time he's bringing an 80-yr-old biologist, Bruce Means, with him. Similar to Free Solo, I spent most of my time sweating and shouting "Jesus Christ!" at the screen as Alex ascends the 1000 ft cliff to the tepui ("island in the sky") in search for undiscovered plant and animal species.

At least that's goal. Since this is really just a one hour special, there's more focus on the journey and the climb and maybe 10 minutes of actual searching. What they bring back is arguably less exciting than what could have been explored in a full length film. That's a questionable decision that unfortunately seems like a missed opportunity. The conclusion feels very rushed. But if you just like to watch dudes climb, then this will suffice.

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