tick, tick...BOOM!

tick, tick...BOOM! ★★★

It was roughly around the 40 minute mark when I paused the movie on my laptop. 

I looked over at my roommate, who is very annoyed that I keep talking about the contents of the film because he hasn’t seen it yet and wants to go in blind. Also he’s trying to organize his laundry. 

I begin to ask him a question. 

He stops me, believing I’m about to spoil the movie. I assured him I’m not. 

I asked if he’s seen In The Heights, the other Lin-Manuel Miranda film that just came out. Yes. Yes he has seen it. 

I ask him if he thought that Lin would make an appearance in tick, tick… BOOM!, because usually Miranda likes to make appearances in his own things. 

“Well….” He began, “I don’t think he’ll show up because like… this isn’t his thing. Like In The Heights was originally Lin’s thing and then he made a cameo because, you know, he made it.”

Then I rerouted, “Well this is also his thing.” 
While I waved my hands around the screen of my laptop. 

“I don’t think he will, that’s all I’m saying.” He said, focusing back on his dirty ass fucking clothing he needs to wash. 

I hit play. 

And there he is. 

Literally a second later.  

In all his glory. 


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