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  • Lady Sings the Blues

    Lady Sings the Blues


    Diana Ross and Billy Dee Williams are otherworldly levels of attractive in this movie.

    (Again, probably not what I should have been paying attention to for class, but, alas.)

  • Coastal Elites

    Coastal Elites

    Can just sum it up with 😬

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  • Rocketman



    There’s a moment in Rocketman that lands such a devastating blow that the film immediately soared to the top of the list of my favorite biopics.

    When Elton finally comes out to his mother, she surprisingly receives the news in a rather calm, indifferent manner, proclaiming that she had already known for years. However, she ends this conversation with the declaration that Elton is “choosing a life of being alone forever,” and therefore will “never be loved properly.”

    I’m not…

  • The Devil All the Time

    The Devil All the Time


    Certainly overlong and overstuffed (with probably 1-2 expendable subplots), but the acting is ACES across the board, and everything involving Holland & Pattinson is just excellent. Not convinced it has much to “say” about its graphic depictions of violence/inhumanity/etc, but even in spite of its occasionally repetitive 138-minute runtime, I was honestly never bored in any capacity?

    Not a ringing endorsement by any means, but an admirable effort all around nonetheless.

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