Soylent Green ★★★

Film Club movie #1. 
Selected by my friend Hunter. 

One of the most spoiled endings of any film I know of. I think I was 7 or 8 when my mom first referenced “ITS PEOPLE” to me as a joke. Anyways, there are some crazy scenes in this and my favorite would definitely and obviously be the euthanasia sequence. The raw emotion and inner turmoil coming to a boil about the former beauty of the world was incredible. I also really liked the scenes that showed every square foot of the staircase and church covered by sleeping humans. Plot wise, it’s fine. It was a simpler time in the 70s so not too complicated. I thought it did a solid job building its world, kind of reminded me of Clockwork Orange in that regard with all the special lingo. Heston was great!

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