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    ᴄʏʙᴇʀ ᴡᴇɪʀᴅ

  • Uncut Gems

    Uncut Gems


    Yep. Classic Safdies stressing the fuck out of me.

    Sandler is frustratingly good.

    The 2012ness of it too... I haven't seen a period film ever represent the period SO accurately.

  • The Lighthouse

    The Lighthouse


    Lighthouse smacks of the same academic rigour that was under the surface of every precise period-accurate piece of dialogue in Eggers' previous movie The Witch. It also has the same "is shit fucked up or are we losing our minds?" energy. It's good, but the trippiness only barely disguises the reality that this film flickers between water logged love letter to Melville and Neptune, and anthropological study into 1890s cabin fever. Idk a bowl of chowder and a night in…

  • The Lighthouse

    The Lighthouse


    Willem Dafoe is barely in this movie 2/5

  • Ad Astra

    Ad Astra


    Idk. This movie can't decide if its protag is depressed or if the whole universe is. Brad Pitt is good I guess, but so much of the movie hinges on his superhuman stoicism - which, unsurprisingly, is a kind of uncinematic personality trait.

    It's fine. Watch it.

  • The Guilty

    The Guilty


    "Our investment in the subject is put on trial. Unable to turn away from the action, unable to intervene in the workings of the film we too are paralysed; are we voyeurs?"

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