Spider-Man: Far From Home

Spider-Man: Far From Home ★★★★★

Full review:youtu.be/rYc7YgORlqw
Utterly blown Way by how well done this movie was this movie starts good 
But just got better
Until it hit a point that my heart and smile couldn’t take and just blew me away. 
From some of the most creative and innovative action sequences... to some of the best SPIDER-MAN ACTIOM EVER. Websligning and Spidey Senses of all. Leads you through a great epilogue to Avengers Endgame that also leads to a relationship I was not caring about before but fell in total love with. 
For me this might just take the spot as my FAVORITE MCU film.... finally defeating Gurdians... and honestly might be one of my favorite SPIDER-MAN films ever now. 
Mysterio is also next level GREAT

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