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  • Soul


    “and you 4 are xenophobic, and you 32 have Disney as a personality....”                                                “.....we gotta stop sending so many through those pavilions”

  • Spontaneous




    I could not for the life of me decide on a quote bc this entire script is so epicly good so I’m just gonna paste the whole thing down below 👇🏻

    Katelyn Ogden was a lot of things,

    but she wasn't particularly explosive...

    in any sense of the word.

    She was a sun dress of a person...

    cute, airy, inoffensive.

    She was quickly becoming the Dalton twins'

    number one marijuana customer
    at Covington High.

    But that's hardly…

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  • We Are

    We Are


    Woody Allen meets PC music  (or something like that)

  • Love & Pop

    Love & Pop


    Finally a movie by YouTube vloggers for YouTube vloggers.

    This is really sad :(

    Also they have a whole ass Pacino section in this video store that’s seemingly just as big as the anime section.