King Kong

King Kong ★★★★

31 Scary Movies in 31 Days! I chose at least one movie from each decade starting with Nosferatu until I get to modern day horrors where I choose a movie from each year. I've only chosen movies with high acclaim that I have not seen, so hopefully the early movies will be movies that are inspirational to movies later in the month or other movies I've seen before.

King Kong is definitely an appropriate movie #2. The amount of CG quality is insane. From the moment Kong appears to the very final scenes, the mix of live-action and claymation was truly revolutionary. I don't know nearly enough about film, but the technique to get these two to blend together in a single shot reminded me of modern day green screen but in 1933 it needed to be done with exposure.

The movie has since been done and redone over and over. It's a very compelling story with a very sad, tragic ending. A sad ending that Peter Jackson recognized and emphasized in his remake. The film was filled with many aggressive dinosaurs, but it was always "beauty who kills the beast". Yet in every iteration, man is the true villian of the story not the Ape, the dinosaurs, or the pretty girl. The exploitative men.

Another lack of Polish 'ski' names in the credits. Poland and it's people have a bit of history to live for the first few films of my list due to the time period.

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