Star Wars: The Last Jedi

Star Wars: The Last Jedi ★★★★★


Star Wars: The Last Jedi is imperfect for certain, about 10 minutes too long, yet what this film gets right (which is most of it) is gamechanging for both Star Wars and franchise filmmaking. We have a genuine artistic vision here, I didn’t think that would happen. A humungous studio gave a director free reign to make whatever he wanted, and what we got will challenge every perception you have about this world. The first true expansion on the mythos and the force, and not only that, but this film has genuine complexity that has NEVER been in a Star Wars film. So much is communicated without saying a word and then when it is show to us, it’s very strange; this is a weird movie to be certain, but I kinda loved that about it. There’s real filmmaking here, not just another franchise milking machine. A lot to process for certain, but definitely fantastic. The last half of this is probably the best stretch of filmmaking in Star Wars; if not it’s equal to Empire.
The way each plot and subplot converges in the final half of this film is breathtaking and NEVER easy; these characters go through shit and I was genuinely concerned people would actually die; and they do. When this movie starts, you think you know what you’re in for and know what style of film you’re watching, but then it burns every fucking ideology we thought we knew to the ground. Scorches the fuckingn earth and I fucking loved it. The Last Jedi is the most complex film in the Star Wars filmography and actually gives it’s fans a different sense of morality and how it cannot be split into such simple dichotomies, challenging everything we’ve thought of the films thus far AND it doesn’t follow any of the stupid fan theories so of course those fucking fanboy assholes hate it. I was in heaven and couldn’t be happier. Not perfect, but what this gets right it gets better than almost any other Star Wars film and franchise films in general. Legendary stuff.