Star Wars: The Last Jedi

Star Wars: The Last Jedi ★★★★★


“We are what they grow beyond.”

Yup, still have, like, only one problem with this film. That Canto Bight prison escape sequence is unnecessary and two misplaced jokes that make up a total of maybe 10 seconds of screen time together. That’s it. This is a borderline masterful exploration of impermanence and balance; and by extension, humanity. Almost every complaint laid against this film has no validity (almost). Nothing is what you think, everything has an identity, and warfare keeps us from identifying with others who have their own stories. We are not all there is in the world. Self serving sacrifice is good for NO ONE. Death and hatred are NOT the answers, violence is a cycle made a machine by war. Toxic Masculinity and Thrones are evil, perpetuating myths that only harm. Systems built around our societies CAN be harmful to people you never meet. No wonder people hated this, it exposes the falseness in our daily lives; the ignorance we refuse to believe we have. The Last Jedi is the best blockbuster in YEARS.

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