Persona ★★★★★

This gender swapped reboot of Jay and Silent Bob, gets pretty freaky.

I don’t think I get Persona, mind you, I don’t think anybody gets Persona, and that’s what makes it so compelling. 

It’s not random bullshit thrown on a screen for no reason, nor is it high concept trash that thinks it’s smarter than the audience. Persona is so well made that anyone can procure anything from it. It’s loose enough that it makes you question what you just watched, but it’s tight enough for you to want to keep digging.

The best thing I can compare it to is 8 1/2. Both are works of absolute geniuses that nestle into your mind like a parasitic worm. I was left buzzing after both movies, legitimately excited to unpack the details and themes I might’ve missed. I feel like I shouldn’t take this off my watchlist because I need to watch it a billion more times to fully understand it.

In my opinion, Persona is everything Mulholland Drive tries (and in my opinion fails) to accomplish. It’s a detailed examination on identity, a completely batshit crazy watch, exploring desire and sexuality, and above all else, actually entertaining.

I cannot stress enough how mesmerized I was watching this. It’s a legitimate experience that’ll leave you scratching your head, gasping for air, or most likely both.

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