The Lighthouse

The Lighthouse ★★★★★

HOLY SHIT MAN. Ok, I'm gonna start off by saying that I have always hoped for a film like this, starring two of the best actors in film history, and directed by a pure genius. A film which completely bends and contorts the genre of horror, and transforms it into a chilling, uncomfortable, disturbing experience. The pacing was relatively slow, yet there wasn't a single boring moment throughout. Each moment is essential, especially towards the end of the film, when insanity hits the wall, and completely releases itself from the hosts. It becomes a twisted fantasy, yet behind it all, realistically, it's a torturous nightmare. The aspect ratio creates an incredibly claustrophobic feeling whilst adding to the already 'old time' atmosphere. Every single opportunity is taken, and every good thing turns into something beyond masterful. Hell, to call this a masterpiece is downright undermining it. It is purely just....indescribable. And the performances? Don't even get me started on how much I love these two performances. Let's start with Robert Pattinson, an actor who I already consider a favourite (along with Willem Dafoe) gives an outrageously brutal portrayal as a man dealing with his own imperfections, and feeling the need to spill it all out on his fellow roommate. You can see the insanity growing, as he begins to find himself caught in this false reality. An entirely new world. He goes from calm and short of words to this hate filled, inhumane creature who would even hurt without hesitation in order to satisfy his needs. And as for Dafoe, wow. He gives a career best, and shows so much short temper. The bizarre blasphemy esc dialogue which he progressively intertwines with the climax feels so real and grounded. And that's this film. An incredibly grounded film which revolves around perspective and bad luck, and mends those two themes together to create a godly work of art.

Parasite may be a nail biting epic, however, every single element within the Lighthouse just makes it my favourite film of 2019, and at the moment, it stands as my favourite film of all time. Again, as I said in my review for Parasite, I love cinema.

*edit: Parasite ties with this film as the best*

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