Sunset Boulevard ★★★★

"The stars are ageless, aren't they?"

Plays out like a ghost story set in a haunted mansion; a ghost wanders throughout the rooms and halls, unable to move on from its life that has long passed until an unexpected visitor arrives only to be used as a vehicle for the ghost to claw its way back into the world of the living.

A bizarre, ominous, and heartbreaking look into the world of Hollywood and the effects of fame as it spirals into narcissism, delusion, pride, and paranoia. And Gloria Swanson embodies all of this as her tragic character Norma Desmond that is unfortunately all too true and reminiscent of real life stars that were raised so high to only be dragged down in the unforgiving world of Tinseltown. Swanson's piercing eyes, unnerving mouth position, and slow moving hands make the character of Norma seem more like a monster that has been left behind in the castle it was created in. She gets better and better each time she appears on screen (which isn't nearly enough) until she reaches her peak at that beautiful ending that reminds of the ending of A STREETCAR NAMED DESIRE.

The storyline of Joe and Betty was... cute, but that's where the movie started to lose its steam for me. It was pretty trite and could've played a smaller role in the film, or omitted altogether and told completely through the character of Norma. Either way, the reputation of SUNSET BOULEVARD really does precede it and I loved almost every minute of it!

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