Suspiria ★★★★½

Daunting, daring, and defiant. Oh yeah, and demonic in a sense. These are just the VERY few adjectives I would use to describe this wonderfully mad film. 

It’s almost criminal how much there is to unpack after one viewing, and no one in their right mind would expect anyone to do so. Then again, they probably wouldn’t be in their right mind ever again after watching Suspiria.

It’s a whole new experience than the original film was, and it elevates itself on its own levels and brings colors into the world of Susie Bannion and the Tanz Dance Academy that the original couldn’t have imagined (while also literally not having the amount of colors the original had.)

The pace, Guadagnino’s direction, the historical and politically charged setting, Dakota Johnson’s revelation into a superstar, Tilda Swinton’s entire being,  the convulsed (messy or magnificent?) final act, and much more. Suspiria is not to be missed... even if the price of watching it is that you may never leave home or dance again.

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