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  • The Last Picture Show
  • Tokyo Story
  • Halloween
  • The Whole Shootin' Match

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  • The Crazies

  • Seconds

  • Copycat

  • Death Curse of Tartu

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  • Prey


    A personal congratulations to the filmmakers here for making the first solo PREDATOR film that I genuinely like

  • Sphere



    "I *LOVE* EGGS!" - Sam Jackson

    Sharon Stone quickly notes in a journal: "are eggs spheres?"

    A puree of multiple sci-fi films groveling for its own spot in the pantheon (Dustin Hoffman saying "what happens when Jerry gets mad?" is shot in a way that makes you think everyone was patting each other on the back, having just filmed the new iconic line from movies). This probably has some nostalgia blinders on me, but I went into the Sphere and…

Popular reviews

  • Thief



    Michael Mann cuts to the core of the brooding, isolated masculinity that so distinctly defined his later work, and renders it beautifully in deep, electric blue. Much should be made of Mann's version of Chicago - the city of broad shoulders - where the titular thief strolls, brawls, and laughs. Here Chicago always seems to be in the aftermath of a rainstorm; a wet, anonymous, maze, which might almost, just barely, feel like the wild west if it weren't quite…

  • Red Rocket

    Red Rocket


    Manages (as was the filmmakers' stated goal) to capture the spell of charisma in horrible people, and its role in everyday American life. Even on the margins of Capitalism, where oil refineries serve as the backdrop to a community where a porn star comes home to lay low (and hang dong, whip-tilt at that dong!) this country still seems built on the swagger of charming liars who will stick a knife in your back while smiling in your face -…