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  • D.O.A.



    The thing this movie really has going for it is it’s frenetic pace. Just non-stop noir action from wall to wall.

  • My Tutor Friend

    My Tutor Friend


    Sort of the film equivalent of a stale bucket of popcorn. 

    The formula for something really satisfying is right there, and it should be good. But, there’s no escaping that it isn’t. And yet, you might just find yourself finishing it all, just because it’s so easy.

    Essentially a rom-com, but with a whole lot of manga-esque stylistic touches, and some weirdly decent fight scenes. The acting is mostly cheesy-to-bad, the writing is cornball as hell, and mostly crummy, and…

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  • Dog Soldiers

    Dog Soldiers


    A pretty fun werewolf horror movie that feels like it makes excellent use of a very limited budget. A small band of soldiers are caught in the Scottish highlands during the full moon and quickly find themselves battling werewolves in thick woods, through holes in doors and windows, or anywhere else that ensures you never get too good a look at the creature. 

    To give the whole thing that extra edge that diehard horror fans need, the film makes liberal…

  • Enemy



    Definitely a frustrating film on several levels, but not in a way that would ever stop me from recommending it to someone.

    Enemy has an air of magical realism I'm not entirely sure it inherited from the book. Especially since the director noted that his spider metaphor splashed throughout the film didn't occur in the text at all and was just something he felt worked for him in the context of adding cinematic layers to the underlying themes. But the…